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Funeral Services That Fit Your Needs Since 1985

Caliman Funeral Services has been offering dignified and personalized funeral services for 32 years. Many people have never experienced a death in the family and consequently do not know how to plan a funeral.

Our staff has a combined experience of over fifty years of service to the community. We invite you to find out more about our services, which include both conventional burial and cremation. While Caliman Funeral Services is involved with death on a daily basis, we never forget that completing all of the necessary arrangements of a funeral service is something most families are not used to.

In addition to the main areas of the funeral home, we also offer:

  • Handicap Access
  • Parking for More Than 100 Vehicles
  • Well-lighted and Warm Atmosphere
  • Accommodations for Clergy
  • Chapel Seating for 200 or More
  • Casket Display Room
  • Optional Memorabilia

Funeral Prefinancing

When one is arranging the funeral service of a loved one, it is a good time to start thinking about planning for one's eventual funeral. The reason for this is to spare family and friends more grief at the time of one's death by prefinancing the funeral's cost.

Prefinancing means prepaying for selected products and services in advance. By law, all funds are placed in an irrevocable trust and are only released to the funeral service provider at the time of death.

The benefits of funeral prefinancing include:

  • Having Funds Available When Needed
  • Paying in Advance As An Inflation Hedge
  • Sparing Survivors the Burden of Funeral Expenses
  • Your Own Peace of Mind

Call us at (614) 328-9265 to find out more about our burial services.

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